Aucxis is an independent solution provider, specialised in hardware and software, which integrates innovative solutions with the aim of optimising customer processes.


Our passionate team is driven to develop,  in an open corporate culture and in close collaboration  with our clients, high-quality and innovative solutions.

Our goal is to be the global market leader and trendsetter for the sales and peripheral processes at E-Trade customers and one of the international leaders in RFID applications.

In this way, we aim at creating a fair return.

Integrated turnkey solutions, from design to realisation

  • Advice and description of the scope
  • Engineering and proof of concept
  • Development of customised software and hardware
  • Installation and integration in your business process
  • Maintenance and after-sales service
Lion of the export

Our expertise is recognised worldwide. 80% of our revenue is realised by the export to more than 60 countries. That is the reason why we received the high-status award ‘Lion of the Export’ from the Flemish government in 2016.

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Forklift automation solution


Through automatic location and load control and registration of routes, rides are efficiently organised and an
accurate and up-to-date overview of your internal logistic movements is obtained.

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Web Clock platform becomes 'Kosmos'!


The cloud-based Kosmos platform ensures order in the sales and information tools, and is universally deployable, without software downloads.

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Business trip Brazil for market research


New insights into the future of local wholesale markets and auctions in the agricultural sector.

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