Customer service

Aucxis dedicated customer service team

During the office hours, you can directly report system failures to our dedicated service team which processes, follows and manages your report.

Each new reported problem is electronically logged by reference to a unique tracking number and is dealt with by a member of the service team, depending on his specialisation. Each team member has continuous insight in the status of each report. In case a very urgent problem arises, they can react very quickly.

You can also contact the service team for retrieving and following the repair status of materials.


A project in progress is only transferred to the service team at the moment of acceptance of the project. In other words, the project manager and/or account manager remains your contact person for all matters concerning ongoing projects.

For service outside office hours, Aucxis offers an all-in service contract or a light version under the form of a availability insurance.



To report a problem
Tel:       + 32 3 790 17 19

Aucxis Team Viewer

Do you have another question?  Or do you wish to make an appointment?
Tel:       + 32 3 790 17 17

Aucxis office hours
from Monday to Thursday between 8:30 h and 17:00 h,
on Friday between 8:30 h and 16:00 h