Computerisation of the traditional selling method 

The Moby-Clock is often used for the modernisation of the traditional shout auction in fish markets. 

  • The system is easily accepted by the buyers. The sale still takes place beside the fish display and traditions are therefore maintained.
  • The investment cost is relatively low. The concept can easily be developed to an auction room sale at a later stage.
  • There is no investment needed in the infrastructure of the auction.
  • The Moby-Clock can perfectly be combined with remote buying via the internet. 
  • Several mobile auction clocks can be used within the same auction.

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Moby-Clock Criée de Loctudy

Moby-Clock Criée de Loctudy France

Criée de Loctudy, Frankrijk

Radiografische koopzender RC-6

Radiographic buying transmitter RC-6

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