Alcon: reconciliation of samplings

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The customer

Alcon is the ophthalmic division of Novartis, a prominent international company specialized in innovative medicines. The Belgian division of Alcon comprises a commercial organisation with offices in Vilvoorde and a production site in Puurs.

The challenge

Aucxis was engaged by Alcon to jointly develop a solution for the automatic reconciliation (control) of the clean room clothes sampling, using RFID technology.

The solution

  • The shoes of the clean room personnel were equipped with an RFID tag that links the wearer to a unique ID. Antenna loops were integrated in the locker rooms' floors: they read the tag information when someone enters or leaves the locker rooms.
  • The required samplings are scanned by means of a barcode system and the counts are saved immediately in a central database that communicates the data to the RFID system.
  • After leaving the clean room, the personnel is immediately informed visually whether or not their sampling was executed correctly, allowing them to take the necessary actions in case one or more samplings are missing.

The result

  • A considerable increase of quality assurance: the number of missing samplings diminished, and proportionally the required corrections.
  • The manual reconciliation work was eliminated.
  • A secure system: 100% guarantee that each stay in the clean room is registered.
  • The system was well received by the users. By visualizing the personal sampling status (green/red) when a person leaves the clean room, higher awareness for the quality aspect was created.

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Alcon case study RFID

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