Hoogvliet: automation system loading dock

Transport & Logistics

The customer

Hoogvliet B.V. is a modern supermarket chain with shops in North and South of Holland, Utrecht and Gelderland. Its service and distribution centre is located in Alphen aan den Rijn.

The challenge

Provisioning the 62 branches is a many-sided logistic process. All items, from cucumbers to shampoo and from chips to bread, are distributed to the branches through this distribution centre. This process involves many departments, as there are transport, order collection, goods reception and goods delivering. Aucxis was engaged to optimize the process of loading and unloading at the dock shelters.

The solution

Each truck was equipped with an RFID tag which ensures that the trucks are automatically detected when entering the dock. A user-friendly and modular software programme processes the received data and transmits information to the display panels, one at every tock, enabling the loader or shipper to identify the next action to be taken.

The result

  • The process of loading and unloading proceeds much faster and the risk of incorrect loading/unloading is virtually impossible.
  • An important extra advantage is the fact that the energy management in the climate controlled hall is optimized as well (the doors remain closed until loading/unloading has to take place).

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Hoogvliet case study

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