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The customer

Rötjes Young Plants in Lottum, the Netherlands, is a leading supplier of propagation material for the arboriculture sector. Its core business is rooting cuttings of ornamental shrubs, ground covering shrubs and roses.

The challenge

For the rooting of cuttings nursery trays are used. These are small containers in which the plants are grown. Aucxis was asked to optimise the registration and follow-up of the 250.000 trays that are circulating within the company.

The solution

Aucxis developed an RFID solution which implied the tagging of all trays, followed by their accurate detection, registration, follow-up and control. For this purpose, Aucxis delivered tailor-made software and the following hardware: UHF RFID labels, an RFID printer, a handheld scanner and a mobile scan unit.
The registered data are transferred to the software platform of Rötjes Young Plants (Wintree of TSD).

The result

Rötjes Young Plants now has an accurate overview of the number of trays and their location at any time. All steps in the business process are registered and followed in an efficient way, including:

  • registration of new products
  • registration of the outgoing plants
  • automatic sorting
  • automatic delivery process
  • periodical count
  • quality control

Download the case study

Case study Rötjes Young Plants

See below how the scanning of the trays in the greenhouse takes place.

RFID tray scanner


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