Adaptable turnkey solutions in order to streamline the trading process of perishable products

Our core activity consists of developing adaptable turnkey solutions in order to streamline the trading process of perishable products. In this way, our clients have instruments thanks to which they can continue to successfully compete in a continuously evolving market.

You are possibly the next client that we can help in order to achieve this. Our project approach is aimed at accurately determining what you need in order to gradually implement – after consultation – the solutions.

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    Aucxis meeting

    We map out your sales method and local traditions and offer new, future-oriented concepts, taking into account your specific situation and needs. After all, a new or modernised electronic sales system will only be successful when the users are prepared and motivated to accept the changes.

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    Elaboration of the functional analysis

    In close collaboration, we elaborate a customised functional analysis. In this way, all technical aspects of the solution which will be implemented are fixed. Thanks to our experience in developing systems for different products and in different sectors, our recommendations and suggestions often result in new insights and an optimisation of the initial project approach.

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    Development, implementation and testing

    Aucxis hardware development

    In collaboration with the client, we develop both hardware and software of all our applications in-house. Subsequently, our technicians are responsible for the installation, testing and taking-into-service.

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    Project management

    Aucxis projectmanagement

    The project management is executed by our experienced project managers. They have 30 years of international experience which is proven worldwide. They work closely together with the other Aucxis experts and guarantee that the project is well elaborated at all levels. 

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    Aucxis customer service team

    Aucxis has a customer service which is available 24h/24, 7 days a week. As all engineering and each realisation – for both software and hardware – is executed by our own experts, all knowledge required for interventions, upgrades and modular extension of our projects, is available in-house.

    During the office hours, you can directly report software and/or hardware failures to our dedicated service team which processes, follows and manages your report.

We assist you with both software and hardware

Our expertise enables us to give you professional advice. We translate your ideas and needs in user-friendly software and hardware solutions, which we realise ourselves using the latest technologies. These solutions guarantee reliability and transparency, with respect for local traditions.

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