A mobile and ergonomic weighing station for fish processor Kilofresh


The company Kilofresh from Urk, the Netherlands, is a fish processor who manually processes cod. In summer, approximately 2.000 kg of fish is processed daily; in winter, approximately 4 tonnes. Kilofresh’s customers are wholesalers, who sell the fish to the catering industry.

The weighing of the fish is done manually: because of the traditional way of working, the weight which needs to be printed on the labels has always been rounded down until recently. For the labels themselves, a Dymo label printer was used. Manager Kees Nentjes: "The labelling was done in an inefficient way and it was not possible to add information regarding tracing to the label.”  

With the high volumes of fish to be processed in mind, Kilofresh was looking for a solution to speed up the weighing and to ensure an even more accurate processing. 

Mobile turnkey solution

Aucxis and Kilofresh spoke to each other for the first time at the Holland Fisheries Event. Kees Nentjes: “Our interest and confidence was aroused because of the fact that Aucxis already successfully works for different Dutch fish markets.”
Our expertise and experience in weighing stations and software convinced the customer to choose for a mobile weighing station of Aucxis, including all necessary materials and software.

The current station at Kilofresh was replaced by a customised inox turnkey solution. The mobile weighing station is made of INOX 316L and is therefore extremely suitable for the food industry. Furthermore, it contains a built-in industrial PC. The installation was equipped with an industrial, compact label printer with touch screen, suitable for large label rolls. This label printer is the standard solution Aucxis works with, because the printer has already proven itself in the most humid environments. The corresponding software was developed in the latest Microsoft .Net version. 

“User-friendliness and efficiency” 

The new weighing station has been used to great satisfaction of the customer for some time now. Kees: “The weight of the fish processed which is printed on the label now is accurate to the gram. This label now also contains tracing data, such as the EC number.” In addition to the increased efficiency and accuracy, the customer is also full of praise for the user-friendliness and the ergonomic design of the weighing station: “Aucxis provided a complete system with a large touch screen, good label printer and the integration of the balance. It has become a user-friendly system everyone will be able to work with!”
Aucxis is proud of the development of this solution which can be implemented at other customers as well in the future.

Written by Steff Lyssens

Account Manager

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