AGRO CITY to introduce fruit and vegetable auction concept in Russia


Russian company AGRO CITY, which is affiliated with agricultural cluster FOOD CITY, has signed a contract with Aucxis to supply a computerized fruit and vegetable auction system including a local auction room and remote bidding facilities.  The project will be implemented in the territory of FOOD CITY near Moscow and is planned to be up and running by the end of this year.

Correct prices for quality produce

Today, at the market, fruit and vegetables of mixed quality are sold in a single lot.  The auction project was initiated with the objective of obtaining correct prices for quality produce.  As the auction principle is new for growers and buyers, AGRO CITY will start small: the auction building nearby the existing distribution centre of FOOD CITY will comprise an auction room with auction clock and bidding facilities for buyers.  Also, remote (online) bidding - allowing buyers to buy at the auction clock from a distance over the internet - will be available from the start.

Food City Russia CEO Stanislav StandrikCEO Stanislav Standrik: “Using the auction principle, AGRO CITY will create a modern fruit and vegetable market where supply and demand are brought together to generate the most correct prices in a fair and transparent way.”

Written by Patrick Bauwens

BU Manager E-Trade & Process Control

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