Aucxis as RFID consultant in the iMinds "HIPS" research project


On February 6, 2014, Minister Ingrid Lieten gave green light for iMinds Health. With this independent and digital research centre, iMinds and its partners will tackle the future challenges of the Flemish social services and health care sector.

In order to keep our healthcare highly accessible while maintaining its quality, something fundamental will have to happen to allow the system to evolve in an efficient and effective way. iMinds Health wishes to make a fundamental contribution by linking its unique expertise within the 5 Flemish universities to the know-how of industrial partners.

Within this framework the HIPS research project was launched. The letters "HIPS" stand for Innovation through coordinated and optimized Patient, Supply and information flows in Hospitals.

The objective of this project is to optimally tune all administrative processes related to the available means in a hospital (materials, equipment, collaborators) and their corresponding information flows to the health care requirements of the patient during his treatment.

Aucxis' role within the project will be, in a first phase, the supply of consultancy regarding the integration of RFID technology for all tracking and tracing requirements. In a second phase Aucxis will supply all the hardware and middleware required for the elaboration of a demonstrator which will have to validate the results and give insight into the proposed methodology. This will be done in close collaboration with the company Amaron which will provide the frond-end applications for the demonstrator.

Written by Jason Scrivens

BU Manager RFID

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