Aucxis R-Connect for RFID Kanban stock management


On July 3, 2017, Aucxis received the order of Maas and Kempen Hospital (ZMK) to provide an empty-full stock management system supported by RFID.  All storage spaces in the new building at Maaseik will be managed by means of a Kanban system.  The modules in the storage cabinets will be equipped with RFID tagged ticket holders (R-Ticket),developed by Aucxis, which allow for a real-time overview of the inventory status.

What is a Kanban system?

A Kanban (empty-full) inventory system replenishes stock based on the demand, following a visual Kanban signal. A well-designed Kanban system ensures a flow that adds just-in-time supplies. This mode of operation in combination with the First Expired First Out (FEFO) principle avoids stock breach, unnecessary stock and expired products, in other words prevents a waste of money and space.

The innovative R-Ticket

ZKM chose Aucxis not only because of its extensive RFID application expertise, but its innovative R-Ticket (patent pending) was a convincing factor. The Aucxis R-Connect software for Kanban application distinguishes itself, among other things, by its integrated error checking and very intuitive and flexible use.

The project is scheduled to be operational in the autumn of 2017.

Written by Patrick Catthoor

Chief Communications Officer | Business Development Healthcare & Pharma

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