Forklift automation solution


Where in your warehouse are your forklifts located? Which goods do they transport and where are they left?

Through automatic location and load control and registration of routes, rides are efficiently organised and an accurate and up-to-date overview of your internal logistic movements is obtained.

For locating forklifts, Aucxis provides passive RFID, but also applies other technologies, such as bar code and GPS, if necessary. Location detection can take place in real time and continuously, or only at crucial places, for example in case of change of zone (floor location, rack location, …),or at the moment of scanning, pick-up and drop-off, etc.

Floor tags are simply integrated in the floor. They function as marking points for the creation of a clear location grid. No complex infrastructure needed!

The forklift can also be equipped with detection equipment for reading RFID tags or bar codes (1D/2D). This equipment ensures the automatic scanning and registration of the articles or load carriers carried along such as pallets, boxes, containers,… Manual scans are avoided.

Click here for the product leaflet and view the video below.

Written by Jason Scrivens

BU Manager RFID

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