Greek Food Corridors signs MoU for Cloud-based auction platform


Greek Food Corridors’ (GFC) main business activities are in the field of developing and implementing the next generation of e-Auctioning infrastructure for fruit, vegetables and olive oil in Greece. 

In view of the above, GFC will use Aucxis’ Cloud-based auction clock and information system to market these agricultural products, with the possibility of expanding the auction network to the Balkan countries.

The aim of the project is the automation of the agricultural Greek market through a modern electronic infrastructure. The market will be more organized, leading up to transparency, speed and trust.

A big advantage of the new infrastructure - especially for the small and medium-sized cooperatives & producer groups - is the fact that they will be able to negotiate with buyers directly, both at a national and international level, and this under the same conditions as larger companies.

The state-of-the-art Cloud based platform will facilitate finding buyers and sellers, allowing them to negotiate simultaneously and in real time.

GFC will be providing a real marketing solution to the Greek agricultural sector, bringing supply and demand together in a transparent and fair way. Furthermore, it will secure the product flow and generate a correct price for both the suppliers and buyers. The new infrastructure will guarantee that growers are correctly paid and treated, and that buyers will always receive quality products.

Mr. Dimitri Haritos (CEO at GFC) and Mr. Patrick Bauwens (Aucxis E-Trade Business Unit Manager) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to formalize this project.

The objective is to finalize the contracts by November 2018 and to get the innovative Cloud auction platform up and running in quarter 2 of 2019.

Written by Patrick Bauwens

BU Manager E-Trade & Process Control

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