Hand hygiene can be a lifesaver


Strict hand hygiene is the most effective way to prevent the spread of healthcare-associated infections. Hands are the major source of transmission of microorganisms, among others bacteria, viruses and moulds.

The current COVID-19 crisis has increased hand hygiene awareness, but also in the future, correct hand hygiene must remain part of the daily flow in the healthcare sector.

Aucxis offers solutions to electronically monitor hand hygiene compliance by means of a staff badge, together with our partner CenTrak.

These solutions allow to automatically check whether a health professional washes or disinfects his hands upon entering a room and again after an interaction with a patient. It is also possible to send  reminders to the staff members.

How does it work?

RTLS technology (Real-Time Location System) is used where sensors are installed in the hand hygiene dispensers. The CenTrak staff badges communicate with the dispensers via active RFID technology.


  • Easy-to-install battery-powered monitors (cable-free installation)
  • To be mounted to hand hygiene dispenser, can or pump
  • Option for integrated sensor from major dispenser manufacturers
  • Detailed reports generated thanks to RTLS, demonstrating compliance with the mandatory safety regulations


  • Proactively increases compliance with hand hygiene
  • Gentle reminder to staff, if needed
  • Reduces the spread of germs by hands
  • Eliminates valuable time spent entering data and writing reports to demonstrate compliance with hygiene requirements
  • Improves the clinical workflow without changing the hand hygiene protocols
  • The same technology facilitates your asset management and the localisation up to room level

Would you like to know more about this solution and its possibilities? Please do not hesitate to contact our experts.

Written by Patrick Catthoor

Senior Account Manager | Business Consultant

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