Hertz ready for localisation in hospital environment

Aucxis integrated the CenTrak localisation engine into its own middleware “Hertz" (successor of R Connect),which establishes the link between the hospital’s hardware and front-end software. This implies that customers can achieve perfect localisation and tracing while using their existing software applications. Currently, the first projects are already deployed.
CenTrak is a leading manufacturer of Localisation Systems (RTLS) in healthcare. The company has already completed more than 1.600 projects worldwide and is continuously growing in Europe. The medical economic climate requires an increasingly efficient deployment of materials and resources.
Aucxis has been working with CenTrak for several years because its technology is for 100% designed for applications in the healthcare. Their state-of-the-art solutions meet all localisation needs of a hospital, but can also be used in a modular way. In this way, hospitals can purchase modules according to their specific needs, which is economically advantageous.
The CenTrak technology offers solutions at various levels. The so-called ‘clinical grade’ products provide localisation at departmental, room and bed level. It is also possible to use the same basic components for zone detection, and to upgrade them to the clinical grade solution at a later stage.
Aucxis can offer the following CenTrak applications:
  • Asset tracking;
  • Automatic call of nursing staff;
  • Workflow management of clinical processes;
  • Workflow and management of patient traffic;
  • Patient safety;
  • Monitoring of temperature and environment sensors;
  • Aggression button;
  • Surveillance of hand hygiene;
  • Baby tagging;
  • Management of endoscopes;
  • Anti-runaway protection
Written by Patrick Catthoor

Senior Account Manager | Business Consultant

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