High-performance buyer facilities in the new auction room of BelOrta, Borgloon


On 4 January 2018, the new auction room on the Borgloon site of BelOrta was officially inaugurated. Aucxis installed among others a complete new gallery with powerful desktop computers and touch screens. New software components were seamlessly integrated in the business application of the auction, which makes it possible to easily purchase and consult information at the same time.

State-of-the-art software

The software is the result of the intense collaboration between BelOrta and Aucxis, who were both responsible for a part of the development. The development of a clock ‘DLL’ which is integrated in the buyer application of BelOrta is quite unique. In this way, the buyer can buy on one of the six clocks in the Belgian simultaneous circuit but also retrieve the necessary useful information from the BelOrta servers. In front of the auction room, a large projection screen was mounted (150 x 532 cm),on which the lot information of the 6 clocks of the Belgian circuit is shown by means of two projectors. Each buyer selects 2 or 3 clocks which are visualised on his own screen and of which the supply figures are continuously updated. The results of the sale (own purchases, average prices and volumes) are also retrievable on each individual buyer place.

Sustainable materials and advanced buyer equipment

The new auction room offers space for 32 buyers (16 buyer desks in technical terms) and 2 auctioneers. Furthermore, the new powerful Dell 3050 MFF PC (micro form factor) is applied. For the furnishing of the auction room, sustainable and wear-resistant materials were used. Special attention was given to extra spacious workplaces with fixed comfortable chairs. Each buyer can connect a fixed telephone, network and personal laptop. Thanks to the easy accessibility of the state-of-the-art bank electronics and the own practical storage room for the headset, the buyer can effectively proceed.

Attention for optimum and productive working conditions

This new auction room was built with all components that a modern professional buyer needs. The modern furniture was completed by an adjusted keyboard for optimum ease of use and a personal 21” touch screen for each buyer. Sound-proofing materials, underfloor heating and appropriate lightning were chosen. In this way, the buyers who spend several hours a day in the auction room will be able to work as optimally as possible. In order to reach this final result, a synergy was established between the companies Weygers and T. Vercauteren Interieur.

With this state-of-the-art auction room, equipped with state-of-the-art software, sustainable materials and the latest buyer equipment, BelOrta strives to become the fruit center of the country with its site in Borgloon.

About BelOrta

BelOrta is the largest cooperative fruit and vegetable auction in Belgium as well as a European market leader. Almost 50 % of all Belgian horticultural products, traded through Belgian auction systems, are sold through BelOrta. 1300 producers guarantee a supply of more than 120 types of vegetables, 30 fruit varieties and a broad range of herbs throughout the year.
BelOrta was established in 2013, through the merger between Mechelse Veilingen and Coöbra. In 2014 Veiling Borgloon, known as the auction for Belgian strawberries and berries, joined as well.

Written by Patrick Bauwens

BU Manager E-Trade & Process Control

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