Increased purchasing power at Plymouth Trawler Agents


In October 2019 Aucxis assisted the British fish auction Plymouth Trawler Agents in linking the extra landing port in Looe. For many years, both Plymouth Trawler Agents and Looe Fish Selling each have sold their fish landed. However, last year, Looe Fish Selling decided to cease its activities. For this reason, Plymouth Trawler Agents had the opportunity to also sell the fish which landed in Looe via their clock.

One auction, two landing ports

In principle, little will change for the fishermen. The fish will continue to land and will be classified and sorted in Looe. But from now on, the fish of both locations will be sold by means of the existing auction system in Plymouth, via one catalogue on one clock. With some adjustments in the remote buying application, the buyers will be able to see the physical location of the fish offered.

Existing hardware and adapted software

The input terminal with touch screen and balance which was used in Looe remains and will be linked to the auction system in Plymouth. Furthermore, two new supply tablets will be provided in Looe to help registering the supply. The software of Plymouth Trawler Agents will be installed in Looe but adapted in a way that it is able to manage the ticket printer of the location Looe, to read the current balances and to communicate via the internet to exchange data with the auction system of Plymouth Trawler Agents. During the sale, the required distribution labels can be printed in Looe, to streamline the distribution. Moreover, it is possible to print various reports in Looe.

Increased purchasing power in the future

In 2018, Plymouth Trawler Agents handled the catches of 353 different fishing vessels and auctioned 3,940 tonnes of fish to a value of £15.8 million from its base at Plymouth Fish Market. The future looks bright for Plymouth Trawler Agents. As buyers can choose between the fish landed in Looe and Plymouth now, the purchasing power may still increase.

Written by Patrick Bauwens

BU Manager E-Trade & Process Control

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