Installation of the first laser projector at Veiling ZON


Over the past ten years, tens of thousands of conventional projectors were delivered and installed in the Benelux. Studies have shown, however, that a laser projector could offer a better quality. The laser projector which was sold to Veiling ZON in March 2017, is one of the first laser projectors of NEC that were installed in the Benelux.

The laser projector offers numerous advantages:

  • High-quality display: an excellent picture quality which is also maintained after some time (in comparison with a conventional projector of which the picture quality deteriorates as the light bulb wears out);
  • Beautiful incidence of light from the bidding hall;
  • Little or no maintenance needed (which is cost-saving);
  • Low background noise thanks to ventilators (through the low heating);
  • Easy operation;
  • Easy installation;
  • Maximum flexibility (the projector can rotate 360°);
  • 30 % lower energy consumption.

This projector can be used for at least 20.000 hours without having to make any changes to the settings. In other words, it is future technology!

Auctioneer Peter Rutten: "We are very satisfied with the new projector, both with the operation and the sharpness of the screen."

Written by Patrick Bauwens

BU Manager E-Trade & Process Control

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