No more luggage problems thanks to bTag experience


Brussels Airport offers its passengers an extra service for a short time now, offering the possibility to track their luggage upon arrival at the airport: the bTag experience.

The bTag is a label or tag that the passenger can attach to his bag(s). Upon arrival of the flight at Brussels Airport, the traveller will be informed – via the corresponding app – when his bag will be available, and which luggage carousel he has to make his way to. The bTag will be scanned at key moments throughout the handling process. If desired, the passenger can also receive the information via SMS or by e-mail.

bTag informs the passenger about the status of his luggage, and allows him – after landing at the airport – to spend his time in a pleasant way instead of searching in a hurry for his luggage at various carousels.

How does it work?

The bTag can only be bought via the web shop of Brussels Airport. A few days after ordering, the bTag will be delivered at home and the passenger can activate it via the app by means of QR codes. Finally, he attaches the bTag to his bag upon check-in.
Sit back & relax: after landing at Brussels Airport, the app is ready to track your luggage!

Aucxis’ role

Brussels Airport decided to engage Impinj because of the elaborate technological capabilities of their RAIN RFID platform. Next, Impinj asked Aucxis to provide them with our 'expertise in the solution's fine design, its deployment and pilot execution', which makes Aucxis a technical partner of Brussels Airport in the realisation of this project.
Aucxis has provided the necessary detection points at each luggage carousel in order to be able to track the bags. In this way, we can detect the tag, which belongs to a certain bag, and send these data to the bTag app.

At the moment, the tracking via bTag is only possible for flights arriving at Pier A of Brussels Airport. As the project has been well received, the options are currently examined to further extend the service.

Written by Rik Heirman

Account Manager | RFID Consultant

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