Office furniture rental company Alvero chooses to implement RFID


The leading rental company of high-quality office furniture Alvero Kantoormeubelverhuur bv engaged Aucxis to streamline its logistic processes. By using RFID technology, the company wants to perfectly control and organise its growing activities as efficient as possible. Alvero was convinced of Aucxis’ extensive RFID expertise: after a successful “proof of concept” pilot project, the contract to realise the ambitious project together was signed on 25 May 2017.

Logistic challenge

Renting office furniture is an enormous logistic challenge for Aucxis. Many different kinds of expertise are needed, not only for delivering, but also for collecting, cleaning, repairing and storing the furniture, all of which are controlled in the warehouse at Oosterhout, which is 10.000 m².

RFID technology will support the whole inbound - outbound process. 12 RFID portals will detect the incoming and outgoing pieces of furniture. The challenge for Aucxis is to define the most suitable tags in function of the different materials where they have to be put on, such as leather, wood and plastic.

R-Connect, the middleware software of Aucxis, will process all collected information in an intelligent way and send it to the ERP package of Alvero.

“We have been looking for a suitable party and suitable RFID tags to identify our rental fleet for more than ten years. With Aucxis, we found the party who meets our wishes and requirements.”

By implementing RFID on its rental fleet, Alvero expects to obtain the following results:

  • a clear and correct overview of the stocks
  • an individual tracking of the rental resources
  • a gain of time during loading
  • the correctness of loading
  • limiting failure costs
  • a more efficient purchase
  • the registration of the history of the individual products

By connecting with its rental application, Alvero expects to provide both its clients and itself with detailed information.

Not the first time

It was not the first time that Aucxis developed an RFID solution in the rental sector. In 2012, we implemented a turnkey RFID solution for the Dutch companies P.A. Van Rooyen and Varodarent. A success story which is further explained in this video.

Written by Rik Heirman

Account Manager | RFID Consultant

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