RFID inventory solution Polaris for locating assets


With the RFID (and 2D bar code) inventory solution Polaris, Aucxis guarantees a fast and accurate localisation of assets. All assets are equipped with a tag and a 2D bar code label with the same identification.

When making an inventory, a room is chosen in a dropdown list. The assets within that room are scanned by means of an RFID hand scanner. These scans are stored locally and copied – via Wi-Fi – to a database, which can be made available at the customer’s premises as well as in the Cloud.

As certain assets may be located elsewhere, a complete overview of all assets present can only be obtained after all rooms have been scanned. It is registered when an asset is added or removed. Furthermore, it is also possible to link assets without RFID (for example a lamp on a desk).

As an additional functionality, a status can be assigned (new, active, broken, unknown) which the user can filter on in the overviews. Moreover, the user can enter a short description here. The data fields are modular and adaptable.

Obviously, users need to log in on the handheld, as a result of which one knows at any time which user has made the inventory.

This inventory solution offers several advantages:

  • Clear view of the location of assets (important for the invoicing to the customer)
  • Easy registration (for example for larger meeting rooms)
  • Unique traceability of assets

Project example: With Polaris, Haworth – a market leader in manufacturing and designing office furniture and environments – manages the operational lease of the office furniture for the European Parliament.

Written by Rik Heirman

Account Manager | RFID Consultant

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