RFID localisation in surgical day hospital AZ Herentals


On Friday 3 January, the renewed day hospital of AZ Herentals was officially opened. The hospital went through an intensive process, which resulted among others in the construction of three new operating rooms and the division of the operating wing into rooms for hospitalised and day patients, enabling various patient journeys.

As a service to the patients, AZ Herentals opted to optimise – just as in the outpatients’ clinic – the patient flow within the day hospital thoroughly. The patients wait in the waiting rooms for their surgery and the exact location where they are expected is displayed on the screens. In order to respect the patients’ privacy, icons and numbers instead of names are displayed on the information panels. These icons and numbers are linked to the patient. The information on the screens is provided via the software of Partheas Flow, which also provides the process screens of doctors and nursing staff.

Automatic and anonymous call thanks to RFID tracking system

Aucxis delivered the detection and localisation system, based on Centrak equipment. Click-on detectors are attached to the ceiling at strategic locations through the day hospital. Upon admission in the hospital, each patient gets a wristlet which is equipped with an active RFID tag. The Aucxis middleware ‘Hertz’ scans all those present in the waiting rooms and corridors and feeds the Partheas software.

Rudy Van Ballaer, managing director: “Thanks to this tracking system, patients can automatically and anonymously be called to go to the right location in the patient journey, which is very interesting in terms of privacy.”

The location detection of patients offers numerous advantages for the hospital: fewer employees are needed for assisting patients or for answering questions. Furthermore, it is an attractive service to the patients; they can go calmly and well-informed from one room to another. Finally, AZ Herentals has at all times a real-time overview of the patients’ status and location, with the corresponding accurate statistics and management information concerning the hospital processes.

The new patient journeys in the surgical day hospital are operational since 6 January 2020.

Written by Patrick Catthoor

Senior Account Manager | Business Consultant

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