Successful test auctions at Pu'er coffee auction


For the Pu’er coffee auction in China, Aucxis developed the 100 % web-based E-Trade application, Coffee Online Auction. Using this application, coffee auctions can be organised within a predefined time slot.

The buyers can consult the different coffee lots (with corresponding certificates, detailed product information and pictures) via the internet on their PC, tablet or smartphone. Buyers can make bids on lots which are interesting for them. Counterbids are immediately communicated, allowing other buyers to raise their bid if they want to. Once the maximum price is attained, the buyer receives an order confirmation. In any other case, the auction remains active until the end of the auction period. Shortly after the auction, each buyer receives a status overview on the won and lost bids. Globally speaking, the auctioneers are very satisfied with the different system functionalities.

After an intensive test period of the Coffee Online Auction, the system is now presented to potential buyers. During this presentation, it is explained how the system works and how it has to be applied. On the basis of the reactions, the Coffee Online Auction can, possibly with slight changes, be officially launched shortly.

Written by Patrick Bauwens

BU Manager E-Trade & Process Control

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