Advanced Produce Centre Development Pte. Ltd. | Shanghai

Aucxis representative for the fruit and vegetable sector in China
Contact: Li-Jin Tan



Yunnan Dounan Flower Industry Group | Kunming

Aucxis representative for all sectors in China
Contact: Tian Yunhui



Global Food Corridors | Athens

Aucxis representative in Greece
Contact: Dimitri Haritos



Food Chain | Moscow

Aucxis representative in Russia
Contact: Alexey Rasskasov



Almonir | Jeddah

Aucxis representative in Saudi Arabia
Contacts: Mr. Alhilali and Mr. El-Khereiji



Soteco - Gen2 RFID | La Coruña

Aucxis partner and representative in Spain and Portugal
Contact: Joaquín Prendes

Soteco is a Spanish company specialised in automatic data identification. Since 1995, the company has been providing labelling and traceability solutions to companies in Galicia and in the rest of Spain, with a focus on the fishing industry.   In the Soteco group, which develops and implements technological solutions to improve efficiency in the management and monitoring of physical assets, Gen2 RFID Solutions is a registered trademark.

The strategic alliance between Aucxis and Soteco/Gen2 RFID Solutions puts both companies at the forefront of IT 4.0 technologies on the Spanish market.   Soteco/Gen2 RFID Solutions will contribute to the alliance by promoting, selling and implementing Aucxis' E-TRADE and RFID solutions across multiple sectors in Spain and Portugal.


E-Catch | Urk

E-Catch and Aucxis have both been active for many years in different segments of the fishing industry. 

E-Catch approaches the market primarily through the shipowners and shipowners' organisations. Long-term practical tests in close collaboration with the government led to the development of products that meet all legal requirements: E-Catch, an electronic logbook, and M-Catch, a complete catch management platform.

Aucxis is an established provider of automation solutions for auctions and sales organisations, including all peripheral processes, from supply, sale and administration to logistics and preservation. Furthermore, Aucxis offers fish traceability solutions throughout the chain (based on RFID technology, QR code, barcode).

The E-Catch and Aucxis packages are complementary, fully compatible and together serve the entire process flow, from catch to consumption.  The partnership aims at offering an overall automation solution to the fishing sector, world-wide.

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