Impinj is a leading provider of RAIN (RAdio frequency IdentificatioN) solutions. Their platform, which includes both hardware and software, uses RAIN RFID to wirelessly connect everyday items to the Internet.

Aucxis uses Impinj technology in its projects in the form of RFID readers, RFID antennas and RFID chips, for which the company has been the preferred supplier for more than 10 years.


VistaLink specialises in automation and industrial image processing using vision technology. The company has specific experience in machine vision, and meets the requirements of regulated industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical and distribution (pooling).

The partnership with VistaLink allows Aucxis to add vision technology expertise to its automation projects.

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Today Amaron is the absolute number 1 in Belgium in terms of connectivity in the healthcare sector.  The company advises and implements solutions related to
- Connectivity, integration and data migration
- Support of eHealth services
- Process integration and workflow applications
Amaron also offers Workflower, a tool that enables the hospital to streamline, trace and optimise its internal processes.

Together, Aucxis and Amaron developed Track&Flow, a platform for hospitals based on a new and especially sustainable view of IT investments!  Track & Flow is a total solution that guarantees tracing of patient, asset and information flows and of consumables in all departments of the hospital.  Find more information in the brochure.


CenTrak is a leading manufacturer of Localization Systems (RTLS) in healthcare.  Applications include asset tracking, patient and staff locating, walk-away security, temperature monitoring, hand hygiene monitoring.  The company has already completed more than 1600 projects worldwide.   Thanks to their exclusive “clinical grade” solution, localization can be realized at departmental, room and bed level.

Aucxis integrated the Centrak localization engine into its own middleware “Hertz” (successor of R-Connect), enabling our customers to achieve perfect localization and tracking while using their existing software applications.


Hospital Logistics relieves the healthcare sector of the complexity of efficiently (re)organizing its supply chain.  The company not only offers its customers a complete service package, but also delivers projects and integrated solutions in the field of automated medication distribution and implant tracking around the OR.

Especially in this last segment – tracing of implants and invasive medical devices - Aucxis is responsible for the RFID-engines within the total projects.


Partheas offers a unique solution for managing the physical patient flow in the outpatient clinic and in medical imaging.

Whereas Partheas is responsible for the front-end solution that guides and supports doctors and nurses, Aucxis is responsible for RFID tracking of patients in the waiting rooms and consultation rooms of the outpatient clinic.   Together Partheas and Aucxis offer solutions for waiting room automation, patient way-finding and hospital signposting.


Soteco - Gen2 RFID | La Coruña

Aucxis partner and representative in Spain and Portugal
Contact: Joaquín Prendes

Soteco is a Spanish company specialised in automatic data identification. Since 1995, the company has been providing labelling and traceability solutions to companies in Galicia and in the rest of Spain, with a focus on the fishing industry.   In the Soteco group, which develops and implements technological solutions to improve efficiency in the management and monitoring of physical assets, Gen2 RFID Solutions is a registered trademark.

The strategic alliance between Aucxis and Soteco/Gen2 RFID Solutions puts both companies at the forefront of IT 4.0 technologies on the Spanish market.   Soteco/Gen2 RFID Solutions will contribute to the alliance by promoting, selling and implementing Aucxis' E-TRADE and RFID solutions across multiple sectors in Spain and Portugal.


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