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Logistics & distribution industry 
Crate-ID ™

Crate-ID™ is a concept, developed by VistaLink, for counting and recognising reusable Transit Items (RTIs). It is designed for use in the logistics and distribution industry to trace both incoming and outgoing crates. Apart from vision technology, which is used for recognising the crates, Crate-ID™ can optionally be equipped with RFID technology in partnership with Aucxis.

With millions of RTIs being stolen, mislaid or damaged, the use of deposits has increased the incentive to count – upon arrival – all RTIs in use and to follow and possibly trace them.

With Crate-ID™, scanning, counting and identifying takes only seconds, with a precision better than 99.9%.

Pharmaceutical industry &
medical devices

With over 30.000 highly qualified employees, Belgium is one of the world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Since 1988 VistaLink has been assisting pharmaceutical companies with their vision projects and has built up an extensive experience and partner relationship with numerous leading companies. 
Vision systems are used to inspect and check text and the presence of other components, including Instruction for Use leaflets (IFUs), boxes, packs, bundles and corresponding labels. Typical applications upon inspecting and checking: lot and date code, batch code, OCV and OCR codes, 1D and 2D barcodes, vial integrity, fill level, bag seal, vial counting, label inspection, IFU leaflets, packaging and pack confirmation.

pharmaceutical companies

automotive industry

Automotive industry

The automotive industry has seen significant changes in recent years. A modern car contains thousands of components, each to be glued and mounted in the correct order. Inline quality control by means of vision technology is essential to the production and assembly processes. In the automotive industry, VistaLink works directly with well-known car manufacturers, supply chain companies and systems integrators.

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