The S910 has a wide range of functionalities and, therefore, can be used for all sizes of cooling systems and complexes.

  • Flexible and user-friendly
  • Very complete and cost-effective controller
  • Modular design suitable for all sizes of cooling projects
  • Energy-conscious regulation
  • Easy to operate and monitor
  • Accurate and stable temperature room and freon central cooling machine measurement
  • Easy installation using default cat6 cabling
  • Operates on a stand alone basis

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My Product: climate controller for the optimal preservation of your perishable products

This climate controller guarantees an excellent and optimal preservation of your perishable products. Fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, frozen products… but also blood, plasma or medicines which need a certain climate condition for the preservation or transport. 

Thanks to the touch screen, the My Product controller has a user-friendly user interface for the management of your installation.

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We develop customised hardware and software adaptations. In this way, we can meet the specific needs and requirements of your production processes.

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