Huisman: localisation of medical gas bottles

Transport & Logistics

The customer

Huisman is a supplier of all possible gases, within various sectors for a variety of applications.

The challenge

Aucxis was engaged to develop a solution for the identification and localisation of gas bottles by means of the most appropriate RFID tags.

The solution

For this solution, passive RFID technology was used, namely UHF RFID tags and UHF RFID handhelds. The gas bottles are equipped with a durable RFID label and scanned by means of a handheld. A customised application is installed on the handheld, by means of which a specific location and status is assigned to the scanned gas bottles. Through further software processing, the last detected location will be displayed in a web application

The result

  • Gain of time during the obligatory registrations of gas bottles thanks to bulk scanning
  • Up-to-date overview of the number of gas bottles, their status and their location
  • Unique identification

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