Philips Medical: automatic person detection

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The customer

With more than 450 innovative products and services, Philips Medical Systems International is ready to tackle today's challenges in the healthcare industry.

The challenge

Philips Medical was looking for an efficient solution for the following tracking and registration issues:

  • Tracking of employees and tissue cases in a hospital or lab environment; 
  • Registration and export of RFID movements to gain a better insight into the walkways and turnaround time of the people and trays concerned.

The solution

The RFID badges of the employees and the RFID labels on the individual trays are scanned through 4 wireless RFID table readers and 10 wireless wall antennas. The Aucxis middleware HERTZ scans and analyses the data of the readers according to the type of configuration (wall or table antenna). Finally, we monitor the connection status between the central software and the (wireless) RFID measuring stations.

The result

Process optimisation and cost savings thanks to a higher efficiency of the walking routes.  

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