RFID in hospitals

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A hospital operates on the basis of a large number of complex processes (clinical pathways, data flows, supply of material, allocation of staff, etc). That is why it is very important - both for professionals in the social service sector and patients – that all these processes are optimally geared to one another. The implementation of track & trace systems in hospitals can make an important contribution to improved efficiency, optimisation of patient, material and data flows and decrease of the supply chain cost.


Recently, Amaron and Aucxis have won an Agoria eHealth Award thanks to the HIPS iMinds project. We have further built on this successful cooperation and the result of this is Track&Flow, a platform for hospitals which was developed from a new and especially sustainable perspective on IT investments!

Track&Flow is an open, adaptable and configurable workflow system which helps you to find the right balance between minimising costs and maximising service.

Track&Flow combines track & trace technology, such as RFID and bar code – with process design and a highperforming management platform.

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