Varodarent: RFID | ERP solution

Rental & Pooling

The customers

P.A. van Rooyen is a modern Dutch removal company and one of the co-founders of Top Movers, which is a nationwide cooperation of 16 prominent moving companies, spread over 25 establishments.
Varodarent is a Dutch rental company, specialized in renting moving items (roll containers, boxes, dollies, smartboxes etc.) to the professional removal industry and facilities departments of companies, schools and government institutions, amongst others.

The challenge

When a moving project or rental period comes to an end, it often occurs that the number of returned moving items doesn't correspond to the number of items that was lended out. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to trace at which point things went wrong, with potential discussions, lack of clarity and consequences for the final invoice as a result. Because of this recurring situation, PA van Rooyen and Varodarent decided to search for a way to professionally manage their material.

The business processes concerned were mapped out in close collaboration with Aucxis. Subsequently, Aucxis proposed a turnkey solution containing the following objectives:

  • To obtain a clear and correct view on the moving item supplies in the different warehouses and locations.
  • To obtain a clear and correct view on the different moving item flows, to and from the customers and warehouses.
  • To provide a fast, efficient and reliable solution to process the orders of moving items.
  • To support the business processes by providing a powerful, tailor-made Aucxis ERP package.

The solution

Efficient warehouse management

Almost 100 different types of moving items – representing 100.000s of products – were equipped with an RFID tag (smart label or mount on metal tag). A matching barcode and QR code was printed on the personalized smart labels, after which they were finished with a watertight plastic layer to guarantee many years of durable use.
RFID portals were installed at the dockshelters, where all incoming and outgoing tagged moving items are detected and registered automatically.
The order forms are scanned by a barcode scanner before loading.
The load is displayed on a touch screen and extra information can be entered manually.
In the warehouse, RFID handhelds are used to gather the ordered items and to make an inventory of the orders and warehouses.

Scanning on site
It is also possible to scan the moving items on the moving or collecting location by using a handheld scanning device or a (mobile) RFID portal. It is registered which items were delivered at or collected from the location concerned.

ERP package
The turnkey solution also contains an extensive and very user-friendly ERP package for customer management, warehouse management, management of the moving items and transport units, customer files etc.

The result

  • Manual counting is made redundant.
  • P.A. van Rooyen and Varodarent know the location of all their moving items at any time. 
  • All rental files can be followed up online.
  • Human errors are reduced to the minimum.
  • Good real time supply management.

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