In various sectors, the introduction of RFID technology optimises the speed, efficiency and accuracy of business processes. In order to achieve these goals, each project starts with a well-considered analysis of the specific needs and environmental parameters.

A successful integration of an RFID project follows the following chronological steps:

  • 1

    Road map

    Aucxis brainstorming meeting

    Together with our client, we map out the business processes in order to gain a clear insight in the added value RFID technology could bring and the return on investment. Afterwards, we draw up a step-by-step plan which guarantees a successful implementation of the RFID technology.

  • 2

    Feasibility study

    Aucxis RFID labo

    In order to know whether a specific application is economically and technically feasible, we execute a feasibility study. We describe the complete RFID set-up and the parts which are needed. The selection or development of the right tags and proof of concept tests are part of this.

  • 3

    Software Development

    Aucxis Software Development

    In order to integrate RFID in an existing environment, we have a team of software developers who can not only integrate existing software, but also develop customised software when required.

  • 4

    Hardware Design

    Aucxis Hardware Design

    For turnkey projects, we do not only provide software but also hardware. We can develop for example customised data readers and data carriers when the available standard solutions are inadequate.

  • 5


    Aucxis Montage

    Together with our client, we integrate the RFID project in the business process in the most optimal way, minimizing the impact on the daily operation.

  • 6


    Aucxis customer service team

    Our customer service is available 24h/24, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. As all developments and services are executed by our own personnel, all knowledge required for interventions, upgrades and modular extension of our projects, is available in-house.

    During the office hours, you can directly report software and/or hardware failures to our dedicated service team which processes, follows and manages your report.

RFID Proof of Concept
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RFID POC procedure and cost

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