RFID products

Each RFID application consists of different products which we completely adapt to your business processes.
On this page you will find examples of RFID scanners, RFID tags and software applied in various projects.

RFID scanners

RFID gate

Aucxis RFID gate

An RFID gate is used for the automatic registration of all passing RFID tags which have been mounted on objects or persons they have to identify.

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Fixed reader

Aucxis RFID leespunt

A fixed read point is used for the automatic registration of passing RFID tags which have been mounted on the object or person they have to identify.

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Handheld reader

RFID handheld

Using a handheld, it is possible to identify tagged objects and persons and take the necessary actions in the software application at a location of your choice.

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RFID Forklift Solution

RFID forklift scanner

The manual scanning from a forklift can be automated by mounting RFID reading equipment on the forklift.

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Desk scanner

Aucxis RFID baliescanner

Automatic scanning of objects with an RFID tag or label on a desk.

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Floor antenna

RFID vloerantenne

Automatic scanning of persons and objects moving over a floor antenna.

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Truck scanner

RFID truck scanner

Automatic scanning of objects in a truck.

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Scan Buddy

RFID Scan Buddy CC container onderstellen

Authentication and registration of Container Centralen containers.

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Tray Scanner

RFID tray scanner

Scanning solution for the identification and location detection of trays in a nursery.

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RFID tags

Hard tags

Aucxis C-Tag

Standard or customised tags.

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RFID labels

Aucxis RFID label

Printed labels containing tag.

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Data processing and data management


Hertz RFID middleware

Uniform middleware developed by Aucxis to process in an intelligent way the information collected via various data collectors.

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Automatic tracing of fish boxes throughout the complete process, starting on board of a ship and ending at the fish processing companies.

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Polaris RFID asset management

POLARIS registers, locates and makes the inventory of your assets. Fast and accurately.  Modularly built, it is easily configured to your situation!

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RFID Kanban systeem Aucxis R-Ticket

is an innovative, RFID Kanban stock management system with integrated error checking and convenient software tools.

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