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RFID middleware

Aucxis developed the Edge computing middleware HERTZ to set up communication between hardware and business applications.

For various devices such as data collectors – among which RFID readers, barcode scanners, cameras and I/O modules – but also printers, signalisation, barriers, etc.

As a customer, you are completely unburdened: you only need to set up the communication with our middleware HERTZ and you do not have to be concerned about various communication protocols with all hardware components in a project.

All data are sent – in a structured way – to the above-lying business logic. In this way, the customer can use these data for the control of his processes and use them for big data analysis.

HERTZ middleware

RFID middleware


  • Management and configuration of all hardware
  • Processing of data and output via a uniform communication
  • Hybrid combinations of different Auto-ID technologies
  • Connectivity with all hardware
  • Possibility to integrate process control (MES, WMS, ...) via business logic
  • Possibility to integrate with monitoring and alerting systems (such as PRTG)

The interfacing with the above-lying business applications can be set up via web services, TCP, HTTPS, AMQP or MQTT. It is also possible to add customised business logic. 

Furthermore, also other links are possible such as OPC UA and Modbus for integration with PLC environments.

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