Based on the numerous customised projects realised by Aucxis, we developed a starter software with some standard software modules which can be applied in various sectors.

With these modules, we can cover 90% of the requests; obviously, customisation remains possible. POLARIS offers the following functionalities:

Tag linking, programming and validation

RFID tags, whether or not programmed, are linked to an asset. This is usually done by means of a handheld application or a fixed programming station. Similarly, we also build validating stations in which we check the functioning of RFID, and verify whether this still matches the other tags (or barcode) on the item.


Module for the inventory of tags which are located in a certain zone. It is also possible to display any difference compared to a previous scan. Afterwards, all results are transferred to track and trace for consultation. Inventory can take place by means of a handheld or a mobile scanner. Recently, we have also gained experience in automatic scanning, using drones for example.

Movement, stock & location management

Automatic or manual registration of zone movements by means of a handheld or fixed reader. Afterwards, all results are transferred to track and trace for consultation.

Track & Trace

Reporting and mapping all detections:

  • Display the history of the item
  • Where/When/What/Why?
  • Display the status of the item

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