From Push to Pull: RFID Kanban stock management


R-Ticket is an RFID Kanban system (empty-full concept) developed by Aucxis which offers a saving of time, user-friendliness and data security for picking, replenishment and order processing in all storage spaces of a hospital.

The innovative character manifests itself through the intuitive and flexible use, an integrated error checking and the corresponding convenient software tools.

R-Ticket is working as a standalone order system or as a transparent module which transfers information to WMS/ERP software.

The concept

RFID enabled ticket holders

  • In the stock room, all empty-full locations are equipped with a ticket holder with an integrated RFID chip. The ticket holders remain present on the ISO modules.
  • When replenishing or taking away stock of a product, the operator can turn the cover allowing the centrally based RFID antennas to detect the stock status in real time.
  • The ticket holders are reusable without limitation. 

Smart software

  • Detected stock changes are automatically processed as an order or passed to the WMS. R-Ticket contains the required lists and filter modules that enable the administrator to check data in a fast and intelligent way and to execute stock management.
  • The algorithms recognize human procedural mistakes as well as any network or RF interferences throughout the system. The error messages can be visualized or can inform the administrator via an alert server.
  • Via a management module, that is started up from a web browser, R-Ticket and the RFID reader park can easily be configured and managed by the system administrator.

R-Ticket RFID scanner

Using a hand scanner, the status and functioning can be checked per box in real time, or the complete order inventory of the warehouse can be verified. 

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The application of R-Ticket is obviously not limited to the hospital sector.

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