RFID Asset Management

Polaris RFID Asset Management

POLARIS registers, locates and makes the inventory.

Fast and accurately.  This smart concept allows you to know where your assets are located and to keep the overview at all times! OLARIS’ innovative nature is to be found in the application of RFID technology and the flexible use of modules.

Configurable to your situation

The modular structure of POLARIS allows you to choose the formula which suits your needs best.  In certain cases, a few handheld scanners and a management platform will be sufficient. In other cases, it would be useful to integrate RFID portals in order to be able to register large numbers of assets faster and accurately. 

Aucxis gives advice and determines – together with you – the most appropriate solution. Furthermore, we deliver all necessary hardware, middleware and the user platform. You are completely unburdened: one supplier, all products, all services!

Polaris configuration

Customisation possible

Although POLARIS generally includes all features required for most customers, we also offer customisation in order to integrate additional required functionalities in the package.

Accurate and quick identification and registration

The appropriate RFID tag
For the identification, all assets are equipped with an RFID tag (smart label, mount on metal tag, laundry tag,…). These tags can be personalised and printed with a bar code or QR code. Aucxis selects the most appropriate tags for your different assets and determines the ideal position of the tags on the assets.

Multifunctional handheld scanners
Barcodes, QR codes as well as RFID tags can be scanned by means of a handheld. With the POLARIS app, you can identify your assets, register movements and make inventories. The app also establishes the link between the tag and the asset.
Robust RFID gates
Incoming and outgoing tagged assets can also be detected and registered by RFID gates designed by Aucxis. Useful when you wish to detect large numbers of assets at the same time.
Other RFID read points
Tagged assets can also be detected by a fixed read point on a wall, at a conveyor belt, on the ceiling and even in the floor. It is also possible to use mobile read points, such as RFID forklifts.

Web portal

Via the web portal, you manage and follow your assets in a transparent way. Via filtering, you quickly retrieve the exact desired information. The menu offers the following sections: Dashboard, Assets, Asset History, Movements, Inventories, Administration.


The POLARIS app is active on a handheld scanner and offers the following functionalities:

  • Link a tag to an asset.
  • Identify an asset and display the information.
  • Register a movement of an asset to another location.
  • Make an inventory of assets at a location. 

Communication between hardware and web platform

The Hertz middleware developed by Aucxis will process the data received from the various RFID read points and will send these data to the web platform.

Export of data to your own business packages

All data are saved in an SQL database. Via the web portal, you can export the data available of your assets to an XLSX file. Via a “Read-Only” Database (SQL) connection, one can also retrieve data via Business Intelligence software packages (such as Power BI) to draw up more detailed reports.

Polaris asset managment

Do you want more efficiency and therefore time and cost savings in your asset management?

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