RFID cabinet | RFID scanbox

RFID smart cabinet

RFID cabinet

An RFID cabinet is also called a smart cabinet. Each time the cabinet is closed, a scan is executed to check  what is inside. 

This application is mainly used to monitor the stock of high-value materials. In this way, the replenishment (order) of valuable materials can take place just in time. Moreover, a cabinet can be locked and access can only be gained by means of an RFID card, in order to know who has taken or replenished materials.

Aucxis scanbox

RFID scanbox

An RFID scan box is a completely closable inox scanning device that scans the goods that are placed inside. 

This device is used among others for metal packagings, for which the scanner needs to be set on high power, while goods which are located in the immediate environment may not be scanned. This application also exists in the form of a dustbin.

Aucxis RFID cabinet

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