What is a RFID chip?

The RFID chip is a component of the RFID tag. It is the miniscule IC which is connected to the antenna of the  RFID tag.  In fact, the RFID tag is the combination of a chip and an antenna. RFID tags can be incorporated into an RFID label, in a solid housing (hard tag) or other form.

The size of the tag and its antenna determine the reading distance. The larger the RFID tag, the greater the distance over which the data can be read. The smaller the tag, the smaller the reading distance

Standard or customised

For its RFID solutions Aucxis always selects the most suitable tag.  In many cases the required tags are readily available on the market, but sometimes there is a need for customisation. Aucxis has already developed various RFID labels and tags on customer request.

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