RFID custom tags

Aucxis selects or develops the most appropriate RFID tag(s) for your application. The correct choice of tags is crucial for the good functioning of an RFID project. 

In many cases, tags which are available on the market are sufficient. However, sometimes there is a need for customisation, due to specific wishes with regard to the design or environmental factors. Aucxis has already developed custom tags for various customers, e.g. pallet labels and pallet tags, asset labels, rugged tags for fish boxes etc.  Examples:

Aucxis Kanban RFID tag

Kanban tag

Durable ticket holder with RFID chip which is mounted on an ISO module in the module racks of a Kanban stock system. When replenishing or taking away a product, the operator can turn the cover allowing the centrally based RFID antennas to identify the stock status in real time. 

Read more about METIS, our RFID-controlled Kanban system or empty/full concept that offers time savings, ease of use and data security for picking, replenishment and order processing in all the stockrooms of a hospital or company.

Aucxis RFID C-Tag


Tag which was originally designed for an optimal functioning on a wide variety of fish boxes. This high-quality tag can also be used on a variety of other plastic crates and boxes within production environments, automated warehouses, logistics and supply chains. The C-Tag is available in 3 formats: small, medium and large

Download brochure C-Tag small / large
Download brochure C-Tag medium

Aucxis RFID Hybrid Tag

Hybride Tag

Intelligent tag which can handle various modern technologies and which is easy to use for various applications, and this in the most energy-efficient way possible. Based on intelligence and the environment of the tag, it will autonomously determine which technique (passive or active) is preferred.

Aucxis customised RFID tags

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