RFID desktop scanners

An RFID desktop reader is used for scanning objects, equipped with RFID tag or RFID label, on a desk or table.

Aucxis RFID baliescanner

Desk scanner

RFID readers can be integrated in, on or under a table or desk. Objects with an RFID tag, which slide over the surface, will be identified.  An RFID reader can also be integrated in a box; all objects with an RFID tag in the box are automatically scanned.

Aucxis RFID desk scanner


The F-Scan 2 and F-Scan 4 are easy-to-integrate fixed desktop RFID readers which are used instead of a barcode scanner. Thanks to the 2, respectively 4 antenna connections and input/output possibilities, these readers can be used for various applications. 

Aucxis RFID F-Scan 4 desktop scanner


These custom developed products by Aucxis contain various possibilities such as keyboard emulation which makes them unique.

Download here the technical sheets:
F-Scan 2
F-Scan 4

Aucxis desktop scanner

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