RFID gates

An RFID gate, also called RFID portal, automatically registers all passing RFID tags on objects or persons to be identified. 

In contrast to the barcode technology, an RFID gate can register hundreds of RFID tags at the same time.

RFID poorten

Fixed gate

An RFID gate is often used at dock shelters. The gate can be equipped with a touch screen, motion sensor, signal lamp and collision protection.

Fixed RFID read point

Fixed read point

A fixed RFID read point includes RFID reading equipment which is firmly mounted on a wall or post.

RFID vloerantenne

Floor antenna

RFID tags which are mounted in the floor, called floor antennas, are registered by passing vehicles equipped with RFID readers.

RFID plafondscanner

Overhead antenna

RFID readers, mounted on the ceiling, scan the RFID tags located in a room or space below.

Aucxis RFID poorten

For the automatic registration of passing RFID tags, Aucxis integrates the right equipment for your application.

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