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RFID heftruck track&trace

RFID forklift track & trace

For locating forklifts and their load, Aucxis equips them with passive RFID and antennas are mounted in the floor. Location detection can take place in real time and continuously, or only at crucial places.  

Check out ATLAS, our standard forklift track & trace solution

RFID truck scanner

RFID truck scanner

This scanner automatically scans objects which are located in a truck. The scanner can also be mounted on the truck and scan objects which are located along the route.  In combination with the GPS position of the truck and the in and out scans of the RFID-tags, automatic registration takes place.

RFID tray scanner

RFID tray scanner

For the identification and location of trays in a nursery, Aucxis developed an RFID solution in which the trays are tagged, allowing them to be registered, tracked and monitored in an efficient way.

Read the case study about the project we executed for the Dutch nursery Rötjes Young Plants.

RFID Scan Buddy

Scan Buddy

The Scan Buddy is a mobile RFID scanner for quickly authenticating and making an inventory of assets. This type of scanners is designed tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

An example is the Scan Buddy for authenticating and registering trolley decks of flower containers of the pooling company Container Centralen. 

Another application is the control of incoming and outgoing goods in a warehouse.  Take a look at this case study.

Aucxis mobiele RFID systemen

Aucxis offers various mobile RFID scanning solutions. 
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