RFID software

To integrate RFID technology, flexible interfaces - called middleware - are required. This software can be limited to the reading of RFID tags and transmission of their identification number to an underlying system (ERP, WMS, TMS, ...).  In other cases the detections of the RFID readers  have to be analysed – on the basis of filters and algorithms - before they are passed to the underlying system.

Visualisation software

An RFID system can be operated or visualised in different ways: on an LCD screen, through a handheld with graphical user interface, via a light tower with siren, ...  It can be monitored through software which e.g. in case of a malfunction, generates an alarm through sms, e-mail, ...

Software development

Aucxis' team of software developers not only integrates existing software or middleware, but also develops software that meets specific client requirements.  Because of our extensive experience in integrating RFID readers and other hardware, we are able to efficiently develop matching software, while reducing efforts by the client to a minimum.


R-Connect is a uniform middleware developed by Aucxis to process in an intelligent way the information collected via various data collectors.

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Automatic tracing of fish boxes
throughout the complete process, starting on board of a ship and ending at the fish processing companies.

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An RFID/ERP solution which was developed for an efficient management of rental and removal items.

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