RFID tags

Aucxis selects or develops the most appropriate RFID tag(s) for your application. The correct choice of tags is crucial for the good functioning of an RFID project

In many cases, tags which are available on the market are sufficient, but sometimes there is a need for customisation, due to specific wishes with regard to the design or environmental factors.

The basis of each tag is a minuscule RFID IC or chip, which contains a communication and memory module. An antenna is connected to this chip. In most cases, the size of the antenna is decisive for the reading distance. The larger the RFID antenna, the larger the reading distance. The tag or transponder always contains a unique (programmable) code which is read by an RFID reader or scanner. Read more ...

Hard tags

Hard tags, also called rugged tags, have a solid housing, suitable for the most aggressive environments. Examples include 'on metal' RFID tags, washable clothing tags, tags with temperature or other sensors and even high temperature tags, suitable for the most extreme conditions.

Label tags

RFID labels, also called RFID stickers, are labels which are equipped with an RFID tag. The most recent standard label printers are RFID ready, which means that they can be equipped with a module to read and program RFID tags. The contents which are printed on the RFID label are also written to the RFID tag.

Aucxis RFID tags

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RFID tags explained and tag selection

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