Scan Buddy

Scanning solution for the authentication and registration of Container Centralen containers.

The open CC Pool Systeem is unique. It unites companies within the horticultural sector to a single transport standard. For all the users of the system, it is important to verify whether the container which is rented or taken back definitely belongs to the original CC pool.

The mobile RFID scanner developed by Aucxis for the reading of stacked CC trolley decks, scans and validates up to 10 decks simultaneously. The Scan Buddy is a mobile, wireless dolly with swivel wheels. Its 10 individual RFID antennas (15 optional) read the RFID tags which identify and authenticate the CC trolley decks. The validation method was supplied by CC.

‚ÄčTrumps compared to existing scanners

  • Ergonomics: easy rolling dolly.
  • Scans and validates up to 10 stacked trolley decks at a time (tests reveal that work is done 3 times faster than with existing scanners).
  • Clear and graphic distinction between the different trolley decks.
  • No risks of reading adjoining trolley decks / tags.
  • New detection concept: no problems with dirty tags (water, dust, snow,...).

Faster and user-friendly

A satisfied user speaks out: "Each day, I scan between 10.000 and 15.000 CC dollies. Thanks to the Aucxis Scan Buddy, I can work much faster, more accurately and more pleasantly than before. It's just so easy!"

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