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By integrating hardware, middleware and software, we develop innovative customised solutions for tracking & tracing, stock management, inventory, specialised access control, warehouse management, controlling processes etc.

RFID oplossingen samenstellng

This modular structure allows to elaborate a solution for you which perfectly meets your needs. Nothing more, nothing less. You may only need some handheld scanners and a management platform. Or you may need to define and deliver the correct tags, the installation of an RFID portal and our Hertz middleware which sends the data collected to your own software. Or you have an extensive project in mind, a turnkey solution including hardware, middleware and end-user applications. 

We give you advice and together with you we define which building blocks and services are required to ensure a successful realisation of your automation project.

Standard solutions

Based on the numerous projects realised by Aucxis, we developed standard solutions for specific target groups, functionalities or activities:

Atlas Forklift Track&Trace

ATLAS Forklift Track&Trace

Where are your forklifts located? Which goods do they transport? Where are they left?

ATLAS provides an accurate and up-to-date overview of your internal logistic movements through automatic location and load control. Furthermore, you have the possibility to efficiently organise the registration of routes and your rides. Read more ...


METIS Kanban System

Do you wish that orders are automatically created based on stock changes? Need for stock monitoring?

METIS is an RFID-controlled Kanban system - or empty/full concept - which offers a saving of time, user-friendliness and data security for picking, replenishment and order processing in all stock rooms of a hospital or company. The innovative character of this solution manifests itself through the intuitive and flexible use, an integrated error checking and the corresponding convenient software tools. METIS works as a stand-alone order system or as a transparent module which transfers information to WMS/ERP software. Read more ...


NOVA RFID Asset Management

Your assets. What? Where? When? Why?

NOVA registers, localises and makes the inventory of your assets. Fast and accurately. The modular concept with the choice of hardware, Hertz middleware and/or software allows you to choose for the formula which best suits your needs. This smart concept tells you where your assets are located, enabling you to keep the overview at any time. Read more ...

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We translate your automation needs into practical RFID solutions.

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All-embracing RFID solutions

Hardware, middleware (HERTZ) and software (POLARIS)

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Advantages of RFID

RFID tags allow you to localise and follow items or carriers from a distance.

  • Fewer errors
    Automatic detection, without optical scanning or manual handlings.
  • Unique
    Each RFID tag can contain unique information, in a standardised format.
  • High-performing
    RFID is suitable in environments where it is difficult to use bar codes.
  • Fast
    Possibility to read several tags simultaneously at high speed.
  • Transparent
    RFID increases the transparency and simplifies processes and procedures, resulting in significant time and cost savings.
  • Process optimization
    RFID can efficiently control processes.

We have already realised more than 250 RFID automation projects in various sectors. You are wondering whether RFID can increase the efficiency of processes and activities of your company as well, allowing you to save costs? 


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