ATLAS | Forklift Track&Trace

-- RFID heftruck scanner

The ATLAS Forklift Track&Trace solution provides an accurate and up-to-date overview of your internal logistic movements.

This is achieved through automatic location and load control. Through registration of routes, you are able to organise your rides as efficiently as possible.

Reduce manual operations to a minimum!

The control of internal logistics is still often based on pen and paper and print-outs from WMS and ERP. These time-consuming procedures cost a lot of money, have numerous disadvantages and entail inefficient operations, such as the incorrect placing and thus registering of products and random driving around of forklifts.

The smart forklift guarantees that orders are flawlessly and efficiently executed and considerably reduces the number of inventories. The technology used is RFID location detection, automatic load control, wireless communication and control of
the drivers through a panel PC with touch screen.

Location detection

For locating forklifts, Aucxis provides passive RFID, but also applies other technologies, such as barcode and GPS, if necessary. Location detection can take place in real time and continuously, or only at crucial places, for example in case of change of zone (floor location, rack location, …),or at the moment of scanning, pick-up and drop-off, etc.
- Pick-up and drop-off location control
- More efficient calculation of rides
- Route registration

Panel PC

Through a panel PC, which is present in the forklift or to be integrated by Aucxis, application software guarantees that the driver is guided to the right location.
The result: 
- user-friendliness and time-saving!

Automatic load control

The forklift can also be equipped with detection equipment for reading RFID tags or barcodes (1D/2D). This equipment ensures the automatic scanning and registration of the articles or load carriers carried along such as pallets, boxes, containers,… Manual scans are avoided.
The result:
- Automatic tracking and tracing
- Continuous error control by RFID scanning
- The driver only has to focus on driving


Aucxis offers the possibility of interfacing with your own ERP, WMS, MES or back-office system.
- No unnecessary functionalities; everything is customised to your needs!

Communicatie via wifi and 4G

Aucxis makes sure that the scanning results can easily be communicated to the central server in the existing Wi-Fi / 4G environment.

Cutting floor tags

In order to guarantee an optimal functioning and accurate information on the logistic flow, the RFID tags within our ATLAS forklift solution are preferably mounted in the floor. The right choice of tag location is essential. 

RFID tags at other locations

If it is not possible or desired to install floor tags, a solution will be looked for, enabling the mounting of the RFID tags to racks or at other locations. A combination of floor tags and tags on racks is also possible to indicate bin locations or zone passages. Our solutions are suitable for inside and outside use.  

Atlas Forklift Track&Trace


No complex  infrastructure required! Tags are simply mounted to racks or in the floor.

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