METIS | RFID Kanban System

METIS RFID Kanban System

METIS is an RFID Kanban system or empty/full concept developed by Aucxis which offers a saving of time, user-friendliness and data security for picking, replenishment and order processing in all storage spaces of a hospital or company.

The innovative character manifests itself through the intuitive and flexible use, an integrated error checking and the corresponding convenient software tools. METIS is working as a stand-alone order system or as a transparant module which transfers information to WMS/ERP/MES software.

RFID enabled tickethouders

In the stock room, all empty/full locations are equipped with a ticket holder with integrated RFID chip. The ticket holders remain present on the ISO modules or warehouse racks. When replenishing or taking away stock of a product, the operator can shift the cover plate allowing the centrally based RFID antennas to detect the stock status in real time.

Smart software

Identified stock changes are automatically processed  as an order or transferred to the WMS. METIS contains the required lists and filter modules enabling the administrator to view data in a quick and intelligent way and to perform stock monitoring. 

For maintenance and backup functioning, it is possible - when using a handheld scanner - to check the status and functioning per box in real time or to verify the warehouse’s entire order inventory.

The algorithms recognise human procedural errors as well as any network or RF interferences throughout the entire system. The error messages can be visualised or can inform the administrator via an alert server. 

Optionally - via a management module which is started from a web browser - METIS and the RFID reader park can be easily configured and managed by the system administrator.

Configurable tailored to your warehouse activities

- Flexible and intuitive use
- Reusable, durable ticket holders
- Central or decentral warehouses
- Multiple output
- Durable integration for company-wide tracing

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METIS RFID Kanban System

"The Aucxis RFID-controlled Kanban inventory system is very advanced but still easy to use. Everyone is very satisfied with the new technology.

Zeff Cosemans,
Staff Member Ziekenhuis Maas & Kempen

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