Today, a lot of RFID equipment is available on the market designed to withstand shocks, extreme temperatures, chemicals, pressure, dust, moisture and other challenging conditions.

RFID is also increasingly applied by companies with explosive risk areas. The RFID equipment used in these environments needs to meet the ATEX (ATmospheres EXplosives) directive. This directive mandates that all electrical and mechanical equipment used near explosives or explosive fuels or gases needs to be ATEX-certified. This means that all equipment must be tested to ensure that it cannot produce a spark which could cause an explosion or fire. The directive covers a range of equipment. It does not specifically mention RFID tags or readers, but since active RFID tags contain a battery, they fall under this directive.

As the demand for such certified RFID equipment continues to increase, supply is also expanding, in order to provide a range of RFID solutions in explosive environments.

As an experienced expert, Aucxis helps you to set up and implement your RFID project in an ATEX environment.

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